How IDLife’s Logan Stout Makes The Most Of His Health & Wellness Adventure

Reawakening wellness to equip people with fitting tools for a healthier lifestyle, IDLife has teamed up with one of the leaders in wearable technology, Garmin International to make it easier for their customers to achieve healthier lifestyles.

The two companies plan to accomplish this by joining together Garmin activity tracking wearable device data into the IDWellness mobile app. The Activity Smart Scale, which tracks users progress to see results, is Wi-Fi connected and allows users to wirelessly sync their data to Garmin Connect. The device measures weight, body mass index, bone mass and more.

The partnership will also draw attention to Garmin’s line of vivo activity trackers. The trackers feature 1+ year battery life, a water rating of 50m and displays steps, calories, distance and more.

For example, the vivofit 3 also tracks all movement and becomes familiar with movement changes from a walk to a run.

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What’s more Garmin devices, which include wrist-based heart rate, smart alerts and a variety of activity summaries to track workouts, can be acquired in a number of colors, designs and sizes.

While the devices will be initially included in IDLife’s product line and available on the company’s website, future plans call for the devices to be available with IDLife’s activity and meal tracking platform called IDWellness.

The Texas based IDLife founder and chief executive officer Logan Stout is a well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach, speaker and author.

Logan Stout launched the company in 2014. IDLife proposes custom guidance to individuals that are adapted to their health circumstances.

After graduating with a psychology degree from the University of Dallas, Stout played baseball professionally and founded the Dallas Patriots program where he concentrates on mentoring and advising youth.

As an author, Stout’s book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams” is available in print.

Stout’s philanthropic activities include support for the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County, Youth Athletes Foundation, the American Heart Association and Frisco Family Services and more.

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Eva Moskowitz Tirelessly Advocates For Better Schools

Eva Moskowitz (born 1964) is an American educator, historian, progressive politician, and author. She is the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, which began as Harlem Success Academy. Moskowitz served as a City Councilmember for the Upper East Side of New York City. In addition, she has written the book “In Therapy We Trust: America’s Obsession with Self-Fulfillment” and co-written “Mission Possible: How the Secrets of the Success Academies Can Work in Any School” with Arin Lavinia.


Moskowitz was raised in Morningside Heights, Manhattan. She attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in history. During her years at the university, a professor criticized Moskowitz’s writing style, which later inspired her to emphasize writing instruction for the students at Success Academy schools.


She went on to earn a doctorate in history from John Hopkins University in 1991. Moscowitz taught history as an associate professor at Vanderbilt from 1992-1993, then at City University of New York’s College of Staten Island until 1995. She served as faculty chair of the American Studies department at Columbia University, located in the Morningside Heights neighborhood where she grew up, from 1996-1999.


From this distinguished academic career, Moscowitz moved on to serve as the director of ReadNet, a children’s literacy program. She first ran for City Council in 1997 but lost that election. Her 1999 campaign was successful. As a legislator, Moscowitz wrote bills regarding campaign finance reform, gun control, voter registration among high school students, and health care, but became known mainly for her tireless and strong-minded advocacy for education reform.


Moscowitz is an advocate for diversity in charter schools. She also favors charter schools being funded on a per-student basis the way public schools are. Her proposed educational reforms include a more flexible curriculum for teachers and greater accountability for school principals. She would like to see the closing of underperforming, inadequate schools both public and charter.




Party Planning Palace

In this article, Camille Styles provides the audience with tips on planning a stress-free party. She provides ten major tips for party planning, including organization skills, sending invites, and including a self-serve bar. Based on the information provided in the article, I can tell that the writer has a lot of experience in this area. She provides information on how to provide a party that keeps not only the guests happy, but also their kids if the event is family-friendly. A kids’ table with colored pencils and colorful snacks is the best thing to make sure the children stay entertained. Overall, this article caters to the reader, making sure he or she is able to plan a party with the least headaches. The article does an excellent job sticking to its purpose.


Twenty Three layers is an event planner company located in NYC. Their team members; Jessica Boskoff, Sarah Freedman, and Lindsay Hayden, have creative and energetic minds that will provide a unique vision for your big event. When it comes to corporate event planners in NYC, you cannot go wrong with 23 layers. Their relationships with exclusive venues and vendors, makes planning with them a worry-free experience. Plan your event with 23 layers if you only settle for the best event planners in NYC.


23 layers offers a wide range of services, including venue selection, catering, entertainment, and photography. They can provide you with everything you need to make your event an unforgettable success. They not only handle the large ideas, but also the small details such as branding, custom printing, and lighting. Their list of clients includes huge companies that are well known, like Spotify, Jaguar, and Microsoft. If you are in the market for event planning companies in NYC, 23 layers aims to go above and beyond your expectations.


Kim Dao Takes You On A Tour of Her Apartment

Kim Dao knows that her viewers want to know as much about her as she will share. When she first moved to Tokyo she moved into a small 1 bedroom apartment where she lived for 4 months. Now that she is moving apartments give show her apartment to her viewers. She explains that she was limited on choices when she first moved, because she wanted a furnished apartment. Kim Dao moved because the apartment was a little pricey for rent in the area it was in, and she didn’t like the location. The apartment was quite far from the center of Tokyo. She takes you through the door, where she takes a moment to show you the letterbox. Kim Dao the shows where she takes off her shoes when she comes in, as well a a shelf of random items. She then shows you her washing machine, and vacuum. Then you turn around and there is her bathroom, which is a small bathroom but enough for one person. It contains her shower and sink. The next door over is her toilet, and a shelf for extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Kim Dao then shows you her small kitchen, the stove having only one cap. She shows where she keeps her food and her kitchen supplies. She then shows her small bedroom that has a curtain sporting a kitty for an entrance. She also shows her closet area and how it is organized. Kim Dao also shows her make-up table


Fabletics Targets All Women

Fabletics ultimate goal is to be able to serve the needs of all of the women around the United States. The company, headed up by Kate Hudson, is working to make sure that they are able to help women who want to have the convenience that comes along with different opportunities. They also want to make sure that they are getting what they can out of different situations so that they will be able to get the most out of everything that they have to offer. All of the women who Fabletics works with are able to get what they need from the service.


Fabletics is so much more than just a clothing company. They are a service that provides a high level of convenience to women who may not have that opportunity in any other type of situation. They need to make sure that they are getting what they can and that they are doing the most for the women who they serve. For Fabletics, it is all about catering to customers and helping them to feel special about the choices that they have made and with the opportunities that they have to make the choices better for them.


When it comes to the shopping experience, women will need to first make sure that they take the style quiz. A Foodie Stays Fit figured out that doing the style quiz would allow the stylist to match up a perfect outfit for her to stay fit in. She talked more about it on her blog and even did a review that the company didn’t even sponsor so that she was able to be as honest as possible with the people who read her blog. She wanted them to know that she was better at the options that the company had and that she could benefit from them.


The Krazy Coupon Lady also liked the checkout process. The clothing options are very affordable and something that allows women to still have money to spend at the end of the month. At less than 50 dollars per outfit, most women are able to recognize that the prices are unbeatable. For quality that is similar to 80 dollar leggings, the Krazy Coupon Lady reviewed that the prices were unbeatable and able to work very well with nearly any budget. Everyone can benefit from what Fabletics has to offer them. All women should be able to afford them.

How EOS Built a Lasting Brand

EOS is now a trusted brand in the lip balm world with a significant following of loyal customers. The methods that they used to build up their brand were recently highlighted in an article in the Fast Company online magazine which highlighted the growth of the brand.

The Well-known brand EOS was started when two founders realized that there was a significant opportunity in the lip balm industry as the brands that were currently for sale were not modifying their products in any way to meet the needs of their customers.

EOS’ founders noticed that a large proportion of customers were women who were not happy with their lip balm. They were looking for lip balms that had all-natural ingredients that were not created in some factory and which lasted longer on their lips. EOS, or the Evolution of Smooth ( was named after the smooth flavor that customers felt when they applied this lip balm and the dedication of the brand towards creating an elite lip balm helped to establish the company as a lasting brand in the market.

Part of the appeal of EOS is through their packaging and EOS lip balm created unique customized orbs that helped to differentiate the brand from their competition. With customized equipment that their competition had a hard time duplicating, EOS created these brightly colored orbs that were patented and presented a way to stand out from their competition.

EOS used this strategy to build their brand. They further expanded on the interest of their customers by creating flavor combinations ( that enticed customers and kept them trying new flavors. The superior quality of their ingredients kept customers seeking out the non-artificial tasting lip balms that EOS sold and helped the company to build a lasting brand that customers sought out on store shelves.

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Mike Heiligenstein Chairs the Development of MoPac Express for Easy Mobility


Infrastructure is the hallmark of the world’s economy. With good roads come easy means of transport and smooth business operations. That is why the residents of Austin Texas were excited when on 3rd September 2015, the American-Statesman highlighted their plight of traffic congestion. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Not only was the issue highlighted but also, a possible solution provided. The Statesman said that Austin experienced traffic congestion resulting in slow business growth and unhealthy lifestyles. To solve the issue, the state and counties were planning to develop a technological solution. The officials said that Austin required numerous resources geared towards improving infrastructure.


The Statesman said that their responsibility was building mobility solutions. With their focus shifting from road to businesses, the management built a toll road leading to positive and healthy lives in Cedar Park community.

Within the same period, the administration built a 290 toll road bridging the gap between Austin and Manor. The road tripled the capacity of Cedar Park while upgrading the lanes and roads bordering, Travis and Williamson.


Speaking on behalf of Mobility Authority of Austin Texas, the chair highlighted the mission of the agency as innovative. He added that the new roads featuring MoPac Express Lanes would institute standardized tolling, featuring sophisticated technology to assist in curbing traffic congestion. Although the management cannot entirely get rid of congestion, the MoPac footprint would ease movement in time.

For people who will face early morning hour’s commitment like job interviews or concerts, the footprint feature will come in handy. Variable rates for tolling would synchronize supply as well as demand for active traffic flow. The core objective is ensuring movement on the Express Lane even when other lanes are faced with jam.

Smart Roads

The organization of mobility commits to finding technology solutions aimed at developing smart roads. The fiber lines shall be linked to the project of 183 South between the airport and point 290 in the U.S.

This project has the anticipation that someday, roads will be able to talk while giving road instructions to car owners. A good example is a roadway detecting wrong car movement and issuing vehicle warning on the deviation. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

About CTRMA and Mike Heiligenstein

The Authority Mobility for Texas is a public agency chaired by Mike Heiligenstein. It was established in 2002, and its core purpose is implementing revolutionary, multi-modal solutions for transport in Texas.

According to Biz Journals, Under the leadership of Mike Heiligenstein, the agency employs a small professional staff with private sector contractors for smooth operations. For this organization, providing proper infrastructure for residents of Texas is the main objective.

Racquetball Player Sawyer Howitt Makes a Memorable Impression

Sawyer Howitt is a Portland native and a racquetball star in the making. Howitt seems to be the main topic of recent racquetball discussions. He has shown a remarkable amount of passion and skill in such a short amount of time. His admiration for racquetball began when he played on a team in Lincoln High School. During his time on the team, he won countless matches and showed off some impressive skills. Sawyer Howitt has already started to make a big impression as a racquetball player. Some people have even went as far as to predict that he will represent the Racquetball Men’s Olympics stage in the coming years.


Discover The Company Making A Difference In The Wine Industry

UKV PLC company was born in the year 2012. The company was invented with the aim of filling the gap that existed in the wine industry. The consumers and the resellers of the wine were not familiar with the best wines for given events. It made most of the parties become a failure. Wine is known to have a direct effect on parties, weddings or any other get together the event.

UKV PLC offers a guide that will make the wine lovers have the top Global wine varieties. It is built of a team of experts that will guide the clients to acquire the best wine type. You will have the chance to be served with the best wines from known global manufacturers.

The team of experts offers the profession advice to all that may want to venture into the wine business. The help shortens the duration taken to adapt to the market for the new entrants. Moreover, it gives a chance for wine lovers to taste the global wines.

The success of UKV PLC wines out of their policy of working as an independent entity. The system makes the company to be trusted to offer the best advice on the wines.

UKV PLC Company is customer centered. Concerning this, they had their presence in most social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Their presence makes them get close to the clients. In the platforms, they offer on choosing the best wine. UKV PLC can reach many customers in a wide area by the use of the social media platforms.

When you plan to have, any wine party feel free to contact the UKV PLC Company. They will offer the best wines that suit your needs. You will be guaranteed to have any wine type that meets your desire.

The Meriwether Group: Brand Builder for the Business Start Up

David Marc Howitt had an idea to help other peoples’ dreams of financial and personal success come true. The failure rate of a business is due to the inability to aggressively compete, and rapidly change direction to capture ones’ niche in the marketplace. The risk of failure is real no matter how much entrepreneurial spirit exists.

David Marc Howitt founded The Meriwether Group, a team of professionals, with each having their expertise in the areas of management, financial, marketing, human resources and technical support. The goals of the Meriwether Group are to accelerate the start-up to business success by offering capital options, financial expertise, strategic vision, and to be a trusted advisor – which is why they hired Sawyer Howitt as project manager.

Sawyer Howitt is the eyes, ears, and brain to serve every need of the struggling entrepreneur and it’s as entrepreneurial as their clients. The Meriwether Group is an all-in-one management consulting firm, positioning itself as one of the most successful management firms in Portland, Oregon and beyond. Sawyer Howitt’s management style is based on the premise, “if it’s working don’t break it” but to dramatically bring the start-up into the market by respecting their clients’ imagination, and by building each client’s unique brand.

The Meriwether Group entered into a joint venture with Hifi Farms, a cannabis company – a business with a possible 100 million dollar goal. What can be more entrepreneurial than that? “Don’t mess with the sauce” is a mark of respect that The Meriwether group has for their client’s vision. Sawyer Howitt’s business is infused with The Meriwether Groups favorably structured loan to meet the challenges of the slowing economy. What do Dave’s Killer Bread, Laughing Planet and Bike Gallery have in common? Only one answer is correct. While it’s not all rosy in a start-up, Sawyer Howitt has your back.

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